May 4th

I don’t know how to feel right now. I when he went to jail I was expecting at least 3 months of recovery time for me. He was then sentenced to only 64 days. I was adjusting to that when I find out that his release date is May 4th. That’s not even 2 months, closer to 45 days. I should be happy that he is getting out so soon, but I really need the time with him in there to repair myself. There was so much damage done in past month to me and our relationship that I just don’t know how to be happy about it.

The day he got arrested I we were laying on the couch and I just started crying because I get like we were over and I am not ready for that. So what happens now that I don’t have time to regain my confidence and my happy. I don’t want to write him another “our relationship is crap letter and you need to figure your stuff out” letter. It looks like I am going to have to do that though, because I am honestly at a place where I know things can’t continue as they were.


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