I was going to discuss my friends, or current lack of, but something happened this morning. Now I’m not normally one to believe in the supernatural world but this was a bit much.

I was in the place between sleep and awake this morning listening to my two-year-old babble away. She kept giggling and saying “Brenna”, I was enjoying listening to her trying to get myself to fully wake up. All of a sudden it felt as if someone was holding my hand, I couldn’t move. I heard, not from my daughter, “He needs you honey, don’t give up on him yet. I am so happy he found you. Thank you for giving him that beautiful little girl, you two are keeping him alive. Tell him I love him and take care of yourself and that baby.” It felt like I got a kiss on my forehead and then nothing. The baby giggled again and said “bye Brenna” I shot straight out of bed and went to her room she was waving at the window and smiling.
I have been thinking on this all morning, thinking I should be scared or uncomfortable about this but there is a calmness that is surrounding me. I just keep thinking. I looked down at my hand this morning playing with my bubble gum ring that he got me and realized the date, April 3rd, I have had this ring for a year today. That also means it is his deceased Aunt Brenda’s birthday. As this realization hits me I get goosebumps all over. Was it her talking to me this morning, was it her playing with the baby this morning? If so how long has she watching us? Is she the spirit that baby always talks to in the corner? Do I trust what I heard and felt?

The timing is all too strange.


This ring, it isn’t much but it means the world to me. A year ago today we were at the bowling alley celebrating his aunt that help raised him. I never had the pleasure of meeting her she died less than a year before I met him. He told me he would be back and disappeared for a while. When he came back he had $5 worth of quarter rings from one of those bubblegum machines. He said one of these has to fit your tiny finger. There were two that fit this one and one that was so awful looking it was hilarious. He gave the rest of the rings to a bunch a little girls that were having a birthday party. I have not taken this ring off since. I will probably keep it on until he finds one to replace it, everyone points out how faded it is but I don’t care.


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