Cheater and liar

Is it wrong of me to still want to be with him? Does it make me dumb?  I went through his phone,  I shouldn’t have but I did.  He straight out lied about us.  These females,  whom I don’t blame, they all believe him. They ask him straight out “aren’t you with… ” and he said no every time. It hurts.  One of them he told yes to but then followed up with he has “freedom to do whatever ” like I am OK with him fucking around.  It hurts so bad.  I know it’s never going to stop.  But I can’t let him go,  even after all this.  I’m so stupid.  Why can’t I just let him go.  Have his stuff packed when he gets out and tell him he is not my problem anymore.  I don’t care if he doesn’t have anywhere else to go he can fuck whores for a place to sleep.  But I can’t. 

He’s not telling things I want to hear, other than I love you,  while he is in jail.  He never says sorry or he won’t do it again.  Maybe that is good because I know he will continue and he is never sorry.  Not sorry he got caught and not sorry he did it.  With all this social media out there how can these poor girls not know.? I mean it’s right there on facebook,  why don’t they ask why it still says we are together?  Oh and his pretty little words all things I have never gotten.  I am broken and mess right now.


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