A week later

So he’s been out and home for over a week and a half and things are as predicted.  Things with is are so far good but he did just spend the past 4 days drunk.  One of those days he  left and I knew he wasn’t going to be back before I went to work. I had to call in and I don’t have enough many call in days left.  He does this to punish me but doesn’t think about how it affects the rest of the family (including him).  I’m just taking it all one day at a time. But things are good(ish) for now.



So it’s his freedom day and immediately he has to deal with a crisis,  or better put welcome out now time to be a parent.  Our daughter is currently in the ER, she has high fever and won’t eat or drink.  This has been going on for a few days, her doctor gave her antibiotics for strep throat but they aren’t working.  I’m stuck at work for the next 2 hours so he has to be dad when he gets released, 30 minutes left.  Let’s see how he does,  he has never had to do one of these,  deal with a sick child let alone a hospital visit.

Plus side to all of this I didn’t ever think about him when I was on the phone with his mom,  it was all about the daughter.  3 months ago my first question would have been who’s going to get him if you are there. 

Please send positive vibes for the little one.

Release Day

He gets out on Wednesday.  I have to say I am excited that he is coming home.  I was experiencing high anxiety but after a long talk at  our visit yesterday the anxiety is gone.  I told him so much of how I want things to be and how I don’t want them to be.  He agreed with all of it.  Now I know it may not last but at least for now we are on the same page.