So it’s his freedom day and immediately he has to deal with a crisis,  or better put welcome out now time to be a parent.  Our daughter is currently in the ER, she has high fever and won’t eat or drink.  This has been going on for a few days, her doctor gave her antibiotics for strep throat but they aren’t working.  I’m stuck at work for the next 2 hours so he has to be dad when he gets released, 30 minutes left.  Let’s see how he does,  he has never had to do one of these,  deal with a sick child let alone a hospital visit.

Plus side to all of this I didn’t ever think about him when I was on the phone with his mom,  it was all about the daughter.  3 months ago my first question would have been who’s going to get him if you are there. 

Please send positive vibes for the little one.


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